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Spot Information

Strand, also known as Hobie Beach, offers a white sandy beach and excellent views of the Cape Peninsula. When the conditions here are favourable, new kiters as well as expert wave riders and freestylers are in for a treat! The wind here is some of the cleanest along the Cape Coast, the water is warm, and the beach is flat with a very gentle slope.

Strand is a very tricky spot to predict in terms of wind conditions. During summer, the ideal conditions are south and southwest, which slip under the noses of even the most enthusiastic kite surfers as they usually happen in short periods between the gale force southeasterly winds. This is why the first-ever Cape Kiting weather station was installed here. Now even the most experienced kiters in the area use the live wind speed and direction reports provided by Cape Kiting to ensure they never miss a session.

Because of Strand’s low-pressure weather systems, the wind tends to blow strongest between noon and 4 p.m., whereafter it usually turns southeast. When this happens, it is very gusty, possibly due to the mountain ranges.

When the wind turns southeast, the best spot to be is Macassar. It’s only a 15 km drive from Strand, but the conditions there are perfect in the southeastern and ideal for practising big air jumps. Fortunately, Macassar also has a weather station, providing live wind readings.

It is important to note that there is a designated kite area between Strand Life Saving Club and the fence northwest of the club and this zoning is enforced by the lifesavers and the Kitesurfing Club. The zoning is necessary due to lots of beachgoers swimming in the area, which could lead to serious accidents and kitesurfing getting banned at Strand.