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Credit: Danie Terblanche

Live! Wind Speed and Direction


South Africa is a great destination for water sports and activities such as kitesurfing in a stunning natural environment. A true kitesurfing paradise to enjoy, discover and push your limits. Kitesurfers typically flock to Cape Town's beaches as the wind there blows steadily during the summer.

The mountainous areas around Cape Town all create their own micro-climates which makes it very important to have Live Wind information for every spot. Cape Kiting provides valuable Real Live Wind Speed & Direction information - a lot more accurate than any forecast! We provide the most comprehensive Live Wind info for the Cape Peninsula.

We install, manage and maintain our own weather stations situated around the Cape Peninsula and adjacent areas. This way we can ensure that all our data is accurate, reliable and up to date.

This one-stop site also shows you multiple forecasts for the most popular wind sports locations around Cape Town to help you determine what the weather might do and which spot to go to.

A subscription gives you access to all of Cape Kiting's stations at the price of only three cappuccinos per month. You are free to cancel at any time. Save time, petrol and money - know before you go!

Remember, you make use of this information at your own risk.

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