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Our Story

For the love of kiting.

I’m Delphius Symington, an electronic engineer, an avid kitesurfer and the creator of Cape Kiting.

My kitesurfing journey started late 2017. After trying kitesurfing for the first time I was mesmerized by the incredible power of the kite and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. Kitesurfing quickly became my favorite hobby.

Around the same time I was busy designing and building a simple weather station. This station was capable of measuring temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.

Wind is one of the most important aspects of kitesurfing which makes it a really unpredictable sport, especially if you don’t live close to a kitesurf spot. This got me thinking about improving the first version of the weather station to connect to cellular networks and to incorporate an anemometer to measure wind speed and wind direction.

The result was a very reliable and useful way of keeping an eye on the wind. The first official Cape Kiting weather station was installed at Strand in 2018. Several improvements and upgrades later a production ready weather station was created.

Sunset kiting at Strand